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Cầu thang kính Cong Spidal Stair 2

Ferry Quays
Architect Alan Pipe & Partners
Height 13 rise
Diameter 1830mm
Materials acrylic, cast aluminium, stainless steel, glass
PX 47 uses the DS9 bracket system with a brushed finish to support solid acrylic treads, these have aluminium strips inserted in them to increase grip and minimise wear. The acrylic panelling is attached to each tread with our trademark Allen head socket system and supports a helical stainless steel handrail via a slot in its underside.
Horseshoe Lane
Architect MSN
Height 17 rise
Radius 1600mm
Materials Acrylic, stainless steel, glass
SS 683 is an example of Spiral’s G-Fin tread support system on a spiral stair. G-Fin uses the minimum of metalwork to support glass treads and risers to create a remarkably transparent stair system. This particular stair combines laminated treads and landing with brushed stainless metalwork and acrylic panelling that forms the balustrade.

Eaton Mews

Architect Norman & Dawbarn
Height 40 rise
Diameter 1770mm
Materials Stainless steel, glass
The majority of treads on this three flight stair are supported by a curved wall at their outside edge, the brackets welded to the central pole being designed to carry one end of the tread only. Where this stair reaches the basement a straight flight is supported on a large glass panel using stainless fixings.
Linhope Street
Architect Andrew Pipe Associates
Height 13 rise
Diameter 1414mm
Materials Acrylic, cast aluminium, stainless steel, glass
This PX (Perspex) stair manages to look a million dollars for less than the price of a glass alternative. The use of aluminium tread inserts means that there is plenty of grip and, almost as important, they reduce the likelihood of treads being scratched. This stair uses DS2 bracket which is suitable for stairs up to 1830mm in diameter.


Architect Wolff Architects
Height 16 rise
Diameter 1900mm
Materials Stainless steel, aluminium, glass
Firecrest uses Spiral Staircase Systems's G-Fin design to support glass treads and risers with the minimum of metalwork. The result is a highly transparent stair that enhances any interior and looks spectacular in this Hampstead apartment.

Architect n/a
Height 16 rise
Diameter 1900mm
Materials Stainless steel, glass
A very clean glass and stainless spiral with inverted brackets supporting glass treads in stainless surrounds. The glass theme is repeated in the glass tiled floor of this private house in Surrey, London.
Park Street
Architect Benoy Architects
Height 13 rise
Diameter 1540mm
Materials Stainless steel, glass
The only part of this stair that touches the floor beneath it is the centre pole and even that flows through the glass. The first tread and handrail are supported by a cantilevered arm off the centre pole because the glass floor’s integrity would have been compromised by fixings. The glass floor panel lets light into four flight stairwwell below.
Queen's Gate Gardens
Architect Square Foot
Height 21 rise
Diameter 1600mm
Materials Stainless steel, glass
Unusually high for its diameter this stair uses a tread support system where a small inverted bracket is welded to the pole and fixed to a tread frame. The outside edge fixes to acrylic panelling which slots into a stainless handrail. The high ceiling allows for a complete turn of the stair in the room.
Architect McKenzie Strickland
Height 13 rise
Diameter 1800mm
Materials Stainless steel, glass
We made three beautiful stairs for Strathtay, two spirals and a flaring straight design (SS 524). All three use midrail balustrading, they also have handrails that curve down to the floor at the base. Another distinctive feature is the way that the balusters sit at ninety degrees to the pitch line.
MoreAnne Summers
Architect Mackenzie
Height 22 rise
Diameter 2624mm
Materials Stainless steel, glass
This elegant spiral makes extensive use of stainless steel to support the shotblast glass treads and in the tubular handrail with inter-rail infill. The landing artfully mimics the tread shape when seen on plan, the separate triangular glass sections being supported on radial stainless supports in the same fashion as the treads.

Hilton Paddington
Architect Morrison Design
Height 64 rise
Diameter 1560mm
Materials Stainless steel, glass
This distinctive hotel suite can be found inside a tower above London’s Paddington station, its shape dictating the need for a compact stairway up into the study above. We installed this two flights in the room, one with straight sections, curved corners and a rest landing giving access to a balcony and a spiral to top it off.
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